Located in Lower Manhattan, the Hannah Smith Agency provides representation for an eclectic group of artists and thinkers, focusing on time-based work. The agency’s goal is to support extraordinary work in achieving its potential.

The Hannah Smith Agency was revitalized in 2008 under the direction of Deirdre Smith. Originally opened in 1938 by her great aunt Hannah Smith, the agency provided representation and support to the growing number of refugee artists and radical thinkers who were arriving in New York. The agency remained active until the 1960’s with a wide array of projects, brokering collaborations that ranged from producing films, organizing concert tours, to enabling research on children’s play.

The current incarnation of the Hannah Smith Agency seeks to maintain the best in our tradition, choosing to foster a wide-ranging mix of imaginative and daring work. That is, work that resists easy classification.

We encourage you to return regularly to our site as we update it with new activity, and also to enjoy our postings of some old treasures from the Hannah Smith archives.

We are not accepting submissions from artists at this time.

See Wikipedia for more on Hannah Smith.